The Lafayette Community Foundation (LCF) invests in programs and projects that promote and enhance the civic, cultural, educational and environmental health of Lafayette.

In 1998, a group of Lafayette citizens known as Lafayette Library Vision 2000 began work to build a new community library. In addition to determining a need for a new library, the group realized that Lafayette would greatly benefit from a broad-based community organization that was committed to hometown philanthropy. Since September 1999, LCF has supported programs and projects that make Lafayette a better place to live, for people of all ages.

We are extremely proud to have been instrumental in two very impactful community projects: The acclaimed Lafayette Library and Learning Center and the permanent stage at the Lafayette Reservoir. We partnered with the City of Lafayette, the Friends of the Lafayette Library and others to complete the library and we worked with the Lafayette Rotary Club to build the new stage. 

We also sponsor and participate in a number of events to raise money for our annual Excellence Grants:

  • Each year we support the Taste of Lafayette by sponsoring the restaurant raffle. This highly sought prize enables the winner to enjoy an entire year of dining in Lafayette’s finest restaurants
  • The Garage Tour is always popular and gives those who attend a glimpse into some of the most creative and well-designed garages in Lamorinda.
  • The Winemaker’s Dinner, which is held in a Lafayette restaurant, provides attendees a multi-course meal and carefully selected wine pairings that highlight a particular country.
  • The Senior Symposium invites speakers who are experts in the field of aging to share important information and discoveries related to the senior community. Additionally, more than 40 vendors attend to share their services.




A Special Thank You

LCF would like to extend a special thank you to Eric Rudney of Rudney Associates for his very generous donation of more than $2,100 to assist in our new and improved website design. Because of Eric’s contribution, LCF has been able to create a more engaging and user-friendly site with up-to-date information on our Excellence Grants as well as our various fundraisers including the Senior Symposium, Winemaker’s Dinner and Taste of Lafayette Raffle.